Brexit Demystified

On Friday 15th December, Assay Corporate Finance hosted a Brexit breakfast at the Brand Exchange in London, outlining our new product, “Brexit Demystified”. Brett Stacey and the algorithm’s author Dan Farraway, presented a short overview of the product’s features to attendees which included a number of Assay’s clients and companies we partner with. The Assay Brexit Algorithm analyses the potential impact of Brexit to demonstrate how revenues and profits of a business will be affected in different scenarios and explores how strategies can be employed to offset risk and capitalise on any opportunity presented.

The product includes a fully interactive and highly intuitive dashboard, allowing for the results to be updated as new information emerges from the trade talks between the UK and EU. This was demonstrated at the event, showing how different currency exchange rates, trading and hedging strategies could all be accounted for. Along with a report laying out the results, companies can work with Assay Advisory’s team of analysts to create a completely customised algorithm to take into account business owner’s own views and priorities for their businesses. Questions and answers were taken at the end, with discussion focusing on the flexibility of the algorithm and the ability to use the product to analyse a whole industry sector and not just a single business.

Our next events showcasing the Assay Brexit Algorithm will be held in London on the 26th January and in late March in Birmingham. To register your interest for either one of the events or to find out more about the product please get in touch with Brett Stacey on 0207 798 2840 or via email at