The key to growth by acquisition is ensuring that not only does the target offer synergies and opportunities to add value to your existing business, but that it also has a culture that is compatible to your own.

We combine our experience as business operators with our methodology to support you along every step of your acquisition journey.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are an exciting part of your enterprise’s growth – buying a business or merging with it, to expand not only operations, but reach into new markets, and new areas of potential revenue. It’s chemistry that creates success.

But it’s no simple matter – the science of ensuring a profitable merger is an undertaking that deserves your time in research.

Regent Evolution is ready to be the catalyst to explosive business growth in company consolidation – our merger and acquisition services are the tools to help you get the results in growth you seek.

Before we spark a reaction, though, it’s best to get to grips on mergers and acquisitions, and the role of each in your consolidation roadmap.

If you’re looking for assistance in finding a business which fits with your acquisition criteria this is how we can help.

What Are Mergers and Acquisitions?

Although the terms are often used to denote meaning for one business transaction, in fact they have different definitions, and they form part of a variety of deals in the consolidation space that include – apart from mergers and acquisitions, themselves – management acquisitions, purchase of assets, and tender offers.

If you’re at the place in your business journey that’s demanding the possibility of a merger or acquisition, you’re ready for the next explosive step. But where do you start? What transaction under the mergers and acquisitions umbrella will best suit the kind of business chemistry you seek?

A merger happens when two different businesses combine to form an entirely new organisation.

An acquisition happens when one business buys another. The selling business is entirely absorbed.

If you’re looking for assistance in finding a business which fits with your acquisition criteria this is how we can help.

This is also known as an MBO –  management-led buyout . A business’s trusted leaders buy a controlling stake in the firm.

This is an offer by an approaching business, to buy the outstanding stock of another. This offer will usually be specific, and not at market price.

This is the creation of a new company, by combining the expertise and unique selling points of two businesses. Usually, the old corporate structures are abandoned for new processes devised by the reborn entity.

This is a transaction where businesses bid on the assets of another – often occurring after the declaration of bankruptcy by that company.

How Do Mergers and Acquisitions Work?

As your merger and acquisition consulting specialist, we’ll take you through the formula for a successful transaction.

It’s a process, and like any good operation, the steps and procedures must be followed to the letter.

Here is a very quick 5-step guide to a savvy M&A deal – there may be a few additional steps, but here is glimpse into the core process Regent will help you develop, to guide you to a lucrative deal:

Like setting up an apparatus, this is the preparation phase – the ‘why?’ You’ll need to determine, and set in stone, exactly the reasons why the merger or acquisition will create the chemical reaction that will benefit your business. Is it to tap into new markets? Is it to breathe new life into your business’s processes and culture? Or is it to potentially send your unique selling points into lucrative new markets?

Here’s the ‘who?’ Research, research and research – know the market into which you want to acquire. Find the companies that, when merged with yours, will only potentially bring you success.

This is a deep dive into your target business’s innermost makeup. Most importantly its financials – cash flow, expenses, bottom-line. The right numbers will back the projection of heightened success for your business, in merger or acquisition.

Due diligence can be daunting for all parties. It’s very crucial, though, because this is your microscope into the very molecular makeup of your target acquisition. Here, the value of the target company must be confirmed through a meticulous analysis of its entire operational structure. From internal processes to client base, culture, human resources, and of course, the numbers. The company is dissected, and all the parts are examined.

If the above is in order, financing can be sought. There are many options to financing, though, and Regent will help you determine the best course for you.

Are you ready to merge or acquire a business?  Ask us how.

Regent Evolution is your merger and acquisition consulting partner. From strategy phase, to seeking a target business to merge with or acquire, and even the somewhat dreaded due diligence, we’ll get you to a lucrative sale through our business alchemy: you, and us, fusing to create something great.

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