Meet the Consulting Partners


Breda Ferarrio

Breda is a Consulting Partner in Assay Advisory.

She has worked internationally supporting CEOs and owners of private businesses grow their business, build their teams and enhance their capability.

As an Assay Partner, Breda specialises in supporting individuals and teams in changing their behaviours – so she only works with people who are up to be challenged and serious about change. Breda understands that driving through personal change decreases risks in the business and any subsequent decrease in valuation. The flipside is that it also allows for growth of talent and skills in the business, and thus drives an increase in valuations and makes her clients more attractive at point of transaction.

Breda’s early career was spent building her own consulting business and pushing through major change initiatives in international businesses in both the pharmaceutical and audio-visual industries.

Breda holds a BA in Business Studies from the University of Greenwich.  She is a Fellow both the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and the Royal Society of Arts, as well as a member of the British Psychological society.


Phil Ives

Phil is a Consulting Partner in Assay Advisory, based in London and working internationally.

He spent 18 years as an entrepreneur, building and running four different businesses, predominantly in B2B Media (events, digital and publishing), across all continents and serving all major industry sectors, which all enjoyed significant and fast growth.

As an Assay Partner he supports a broad range of business owners/managers and leaders, all of whom are serious about change, restless to drive their organisations forward quickly, and, in so doing, focused on realising the value of years of hard work. Phil specialises in understanding and leveraging assets which do not sit on the balance sheet, thus attracting strategic transactions and consequently higher equity valuations.

Phil holds a BA in Classics from Bristol University and in his spare time is the Chair of Trustees for Scene & Heard a unique mentoring charity to build esteem and express themselves through the arts.

For more information on Assay’s consulting offering please contact either Breda or Phil.